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We offer four options on our pool cleaning maintenance plans:

Platinum Plan

The Platinum is our detailed pool cleaning plan. This includes weekly vacuuming the pool and spa, brushing the walls, tile, and steps, skimming the surface of the pool, emptying the skimmer baskets, pump basket, visual inspection of the pool equipment, backwashing the filter or washing the cartridge filter, chemical analysis of the water and chemicals.

With our Platinum Plan not only do you receive full service cleaning you also receive Deep cleaning of your Cartridge Filter free of charge twice a year! This includes degreasing and acid washing. Regular cleaning of your pool filter will ensure the longest life possible out of your filter.

Also included in our Platinum Plan is (2) FREE Salt Cell cleans per year for our salt system pool owners. Regular cleaning of your Salt Cell will ensure the most efficient and longest life possible out of your salt system.

Gold Plan

This plan of Bi-weekly service includes chemical analysis of the water and chemicals, vacuuming every other service or as needed, brushing walls when pool is not vacuumed, cleaning water line tiles, emptying skimmer baskets, skimming surface of pool, backwashing filter or washing cartridge every other service, and visual inspection of the pool equipment.

The Silver (Chemical Only Plan) 

This weekly plan includes: visual inspection of the equipment and chemical analysis of the water and chemicals.

The Snow Bird Plan

This option offers reduced service while the pool is not being used. Some customers like having us check on their home and pool weekly when they are away. We will adjust chemicals and brush weekly, add water and clean filters as needed.

One-Time Pool Cleaning

If you need your pool cleaned one-time, we will come out and remove dirt and other debris from the pool, chemically analyze the pool water and advise you on the needed chemical treatments for your pool. We use a separate pump to remove the debris out of the pool, without using your current filtration system.


Swimming Pool Inspections For Home Buyers And Sellers. Proper inspection of the pool/spa requires the attention of certified pool and spa inspector. The results of an inspection could persuade decisions made during on-going real estate transactions. Our 100 point inspection will give you peace of mind with your investment. Contact us for a full list of inspection items.

Pricing will depend on the pool size and system, please contact us for a free estimate. We look forward to working with you!