Salt or Chlorine ?

Welcome to South West Florida the home of high heat and humidity. On summer days, you may feel like not getting out of an air conditioned room or you may take extra time getting out of the vehicle just so you can feel the cold air a little longer.
There is a much better way to beat the heat . Cool off in a pool in your own backyard! Floridians are familiar with the humid, sub-tropical climate.  Our average temperature is about 95° in July. In these temperatures, having a  pool to cool off in can be awesome.
The salt water pools have a very low salt level. The salt found in this type of pool is lower than the amount found in human tears. Your tears are about 7,000 parts per million and the water in a salt pool is around 3,500 parts per million. You can easily open your eyes when you are underwater. Opening your eyes will burn in  a non-salt water pool with unbalanced chemicals, or in the ocean with salt at 70,000 parts per million.
Also, salt water pools are very gentle on your skin.  As a result of the salt water, your skin will feel smoother and softer. People who are allergic to chlorine pools often find a salt water pool doesn’t give them issues.
The salt water system pool also contains chlorine in the water but at a lower level. The process requires a salt water generator which through electrolysis, breaks the salt down and chlorine is separated and added to the water.
Also salt doesn’t fade the color of your swimsuit as much as chlorine pool. Salt is safer than Chlorine. In tablet, liquid and granular form, Chlorine can be dangerous to keep at home.