Swimming Pool Health Benefits

Of course when it gets hot, everyone starts looking around for the friend with the pool . The next best a local community pool the closer to home, the better!
Swimming isn’t just a fun way to cool off during the Summer it is a year around activity here in Florida.
“Swimming pools and spas are great additions to a healthy lifestyle. Exercise  and the enjoyment provided by a pool or spa – is immeasurable.
Here’s a few good reasons to make swimming a part of your lifestyle.

Increases Flexibility
Burns Calories
Improves Coordination and Posture
Improves Posture
Total-Body Workout
Cardio Conditioning
Beats the Heat
​Weight Loss
Improves Mental Health
Helps With Chronic Diseases, Post-Op, and as Physical Therapy
Relieves Stress
Boosts the Immune System
Flexibility in Joints

With having pool ownership comes the decision to maintain it yourself or have someone else maintain it. Buyer beware ! In the past week I have received 3 new contracts due to other pool companies not taking care of their customers. Please make sure who ever you hire is licensed in the county you live in. We are looking for health benefits from swimming not getting sick from unhealthy water.
If you are looking for someone to keep your pool balanced and healthy. contact us today