Are you better off with a pool cleaning company?

   Are You Better Off With a Pool Cleaning Company?

You may love to have a refreshing dip in your pool, but you also need to ensure a proper standard of sanitation and cleanliness. If you do not have the knowledge or free time to clean and maintain it yourself, employing the right pool cleaning company will ensure that you can swim worry free without allowing the condition of your swimming pool to deteriorate.

It may be time for you to hire a professional company to do the maintenance work. Let us learn all that your pool cleaning professional can do for you, and what you must ensure while selecting one, as it is going to be a long relationship.

All that a Great Pool Cleaning Pro will Do!

They will do a thorough examination of your pool, looking for safety and maintenance issues. All the equipment will be inspected, to ensure that everything is in good working condition.

The water chemical levels need checking on a regular basis. If any deficiencies are found, the pro will get it fixed; or it could be costly to repair it later when the pool surface needs refinishing or the heater needs replacing due to lack of proper water chemistry. The right balance of chemicals in your pool also ensures that harmful bacteria and algae are killed, along with maintaining lower phosphate and mineral content. The right Pro will follow all chemical safety protocols. Many of the chemicals used to treat swimming pools are very dangerous and can be explosive if not added properly. The checking and adjustment of these levels will be included in your cleaning package.

The pool surface will be brushed to keep algae from attaching and growing. A specialty tile brush and cleaner will be used for water line tile. The pool will be vacuumed as needed and the filter cleaned when the pressure rises. My service includes filter degreasing and acid washing.

Upcoming problems in the functioning of equipment can be detected early by routine checks. Don’t overlook such issues as they can cause more significant difficulties later. Even proper maintenance is required to make your equipment last longer and work more efficiently. For salt systems the cell is cleaned twice a year at no extra charge.

How to Select a Superior Pool Cleaning Company for Yourself

People who have swimming pools at their homes don’t have all the required equipment and skills to clean it. That is why the need for a pool cleaning service arises. Choosing a company can be tough as not all companies are equal. You should know what to look for and how to choose one capable of producing the required results.

Licensed in the business! A significant amount of capital isn’t required to start a pool cleaning service. So, a lot will come and go in a short time, leaving their accounts in a lurch. You need to make sure that the company has been licensed, before hiring them. The county or State will conduct a thorough background check on anyone they license. Also a licensed pool contractor will have proven experience in the business and gone thru exam testing to receive their credentials. Anyone can say they are licensed and insured, but please check them out with your local building department first.

Availability of insurance. Insurance is required for a licensed pool company to function. The county or state will do your homework here ensuring that your preferred agency have sufficient insurance before the license is granted or renewed. Insurance will also protect you while the services personnel are working on your property. You may also ask your pro for a COI from their insurance agent.

Check for the references.   Since an established company will have current customers, try to get a contact for conducting a check. Also, being a member of the Better Business Bureau will ensure they are a reputable company. Beware of some online ratings and references they may be paid for.

Now you are ready with the minimum skill required to choose the best pool cleaning Pro. If you would like to have a professional pool maintenance company for your pool, contact us at the Classic Pools today!